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Byer California

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Since 1964 Byer California has been creating on-trend, affordable fashions for young women that can be found at many of your favorite retailers. For the first time, we have designed a collection that is being offered directly to you through ByerCA.com and our retail outlet mall stores.

We look forward to providing you with a wardrobe that will take you from office hours to after hours. Our collections make fashion more fun and lets you create your own style. Whether you want a professional look or are going for a flirty, feminine feel, you can find the pieces you need at ByerCA.com.

Great design leads to great style, which is why our designers follow the runway shows and create looks based on what’s trending. They travel the world in search of the latest fashion, getting their inspiration from shopping the stores, watching what women wear and infusing their own creativity into each piece.

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Co-Marketing & Events Coordinator at StyleCareers.com, StylePortfolios.com, StyleDispatch.com, FashionCareerFairs.com and MayoroftheMall.com.